Tucker Creek Home Owners Association

P.O Box 1163
Havelock, NC 28532

Tucker Creek Estates

Home Owners Association

All members of the HOA that pay for membership receive a key to access the Boat Ramp. If you paid your membership and want a key contact any of the BOD's and they can get you one. All paying members are entitled to use this launch ramp.  Please use it responsibly.

The ramp was built in 1998 and the regulations governing launch ramp construction have gotten more restrictive since then. The HOA can expect a major expense (at least $5,000) when/if the ramp has to be replaced.  

Regular users of the ramp have learned its ‘personality’ to successfully launch and retrieve their boats.  If you’re new to this ramp, be cautious when launching and retrieving your boat.

Boat Ramp and Recreation Area

Boaters should keep their trailer axles landward of the metal sign at all times.  The ramp can be affected by wind tides. If the water is too low (as when a stiff breeze is blowing from the west/northwest) and your boat doesn't float off the trailer before the axle reaches this spot,  don’t try to use the ramp to put in or take out.  The water may also be too high if the wind blows from the east/northeast flooding the creek and boat ramp making it difficult to launch a boat.
Also, Don’t power onto the ramp. Your propeller wash can really pull up the soft sediment and the current can then move that sediment a long way away from the ramp causing the ramp to slump.
The ramp is designed for shallow draft boats not more than 25 ft (20 ft is better) long. It is made of at least two sections of concrete and they do not maintain a single continuous slope into the water.  This can cause your boat to settle crooked on your trailer unless you compensate for this slope or tilt as you pull your boat out. 

When you do launch successfully,  please remember that Tucker Creek is a relatively narrow waterway and that your wake can wash the fine sediments away from the roots of the grasses/reeds along the shore.  These fine sediments may end up settling to the bottom in the middle of the present channel.  The chances that the government will allow this channel to be dredged again for your benefit are very small. These waterways are nursery areas and are protected. Navigate your boat at 5 MPH or less and leave no wake until you reach Slocum Creek.

The recreation area is co-located with the boat ramp. There are several picnic tables and a fire pit for use by members. Paying members are given a key to access and utilize the area for cookouts or get together as well as use the dock to enjoy the view or cast a line for a little bit of fishing. The HOA makes use of the area for various community events as well.

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